Narcissistic Abuse: Brain Plasticity NOT Brain Damage

While it is true that narcissistic abuse causes changes in brain structures and functioning, these adaptations are better understood as brain plasticity than brain damage. Labeling these changes as “brain damage” comes with feelings of hopelessness and defeat. By understanding what brain plasticity is and how it works, you are set up to embrace your resilience and empowerment.

The truth is, the changes in the brain that happen when someone is abused are adjustments through brain plasticity that prove you are a badass who survived a shitty situation with the help of your beautifully resilient and brilliant brain! AND that brain, it’s brilliance and your resiliency will lead you to and through healing from this horrible experience.

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Disclaimer: This content is intended for educational purposes only. It is not a substitute for mental health treatment. It is important for survivors of abuse to find mental health professionals who understand trauma and abusive relationships. Please seek support from trusted and trained practitioners. This content is not meant to be used by anyone as diagnostic criteria. Permissions have not been granted for anyone to utilize this material as a source to make allegations about specific individuals. Any online content produced by Michelle Minette and F! All That Wellness Coaching is an educational discussion about narcissism which is a descriptive term for tendencies and behavioral patterns. Individuals with narcissistic features or tendencies do not necessarily meet DSM-5 diagnostic criteria. The terms narcissistic and narcissism are used as descriptions of tendencies and behaviors and are not meant as clinical terms.