Mindful Mondays–Superhero Mindful Posing

F! feeling not good enough, let’s practice mindful posing!

This is super fun to do with children, but I strongly recommend it to clients before big meetings, divorce court, or family gatherings where conflict can be expected. Benefits include changes in hormones associated with stress and motivation and changes in mood.


Picture the pose of your favorite superhero, and their superpowers. Get into that pose and flex your muscles so that your legs feel like strong tree trunks, and you are connecting the four corners of your feet to the ground. Hold the pose for two minutes while belly breathing.


Body language is important and effective, outside and inside. How you move in a room around other people communicates who you are, how you feel, and what others can expect from you. You teach others how to treat you in many ways, but most importantly though body language. Consider your expectations of the person who avoids eye contact and keeps their head slightly down versus the person who meets your eyes and stands tall. As you move through your day, pay attention to what you are feeling and/or thinking and how it relates to your posture, social interactions, and how you walk.

Your body language also communicates to you. When we change how our body feels, we change our emotions and thoughts. Cognitive processes of cognitive bias and cognitive dissonance come into play and your actions change your thoughts and feelings. Moving as if you are strong and capable shifts your thoughts and feelings to those associated with empowerment.

Scientific research supports these changes. Mindful posing as a superhero actually changes the hormones released in your body. Testosterone (boosts self-esteem and empowers) increases and cortisol (stress inducing) decreases in those who practice it.


Mindful posing is just one way to begin improving your assertiveness. If you struggle with any of these skills, I created F! Feeling Bad specifically for alleviating emotional discomfort by building these and other skills. Current clients can register here. If you are new, schedule your free 15 minute consultation to get started. For more information about the practice check out upcoming programs and classes and podcasts and events.


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Disclaimer: This content is intended for educational purposes only. It is not a substitute for mental health or medical treatment. It is important for those with clinical and medical diagnoses to receive the appropriate treatment from trusted and trained practitioners