Mindful Mondays: Chakra Meditation with Bells

F! Feeling Bad, let’s practice chakra meditation!

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Chakras are the flow of energy through the body. There are lots of ways to practice chakra meditation, but today we are going to use the singing bowls to experience the bells associated with the seven chakras in the body.


Remember to gently bring you focus back to the music if your mind starts to wander. Become an observer of your experience. I recommend using headphones for this one.

  1. Find a relaxed posture, sitting, standing, or lying down.
  2. Take some cleansing breaths, melt into your posture, shake out any stiff areas.
  3. Close your eyes if you’re comfortable doing so—if not find a space to stare at across the room that isn’t another person…don’t be creepy.
  4. Start Listening…
    • Let the sound wash over you
    • Notice in what parts of your body you might feel the notes
    • What do they feel like
    • Does it feel different in different parts of your body


What are Chakras?

So why chakra meditation? According to eastern spiritual practices, specifically Hinduism and Tantra, prana, or the flow of energy in your body, moves freely from your root to your crown. Chakras are the energy centers responsible for prana. It is believed that when you are having problems, both physical and emotional, there is a blocked chakra. Chakra meditation can be used to restore the flow of prana through the body and unstick what’s getting in your way. It’s a form of energy healing.

There are seven chakras starting from the bottom (always starting from the bottom), they are the root, the sacral, the solar plexus, the heart, the throat, the third eye, and the crown chakras. Each chakra is associated with a different sound, color, and mantra. In advanced practice you might listen to the chakra’s bell from the singing bowl, chant the chakra’s mantra, and picture each chakra in its color as an object that works for you, like a spinning wheel—and since chakra is Sanskrit for wheel, this makes sense.

If you’ve ever been to a sound bath, then you are familiar with singing bowls. They are the quarts bowls that look like mixing bowls with pleasant and sometimes piercing sounds. If you haven’t been to a sound bath, I strongly encourage you to find one and go. I absolutely LOVE them! I’ll send a link to local sound baths in the area in this post on my website so you can learn more about them and where to find one.

What is the Science?

The existence of chakras has yet to be measured scientifically. It is argued that western medicine has not put the time, money, or effort into research to confidently deny the existence of chakras. However, some scientists argue the chakras correspond to the endocrine system, the system responsible for the release of hormones to regulate all the processes in the body that keep your organs, development, metabolism, reproduction, etc. functioning from the command center of your hypothalamus. Interestingly, there are seven organs and seven hormones of the endocrine system.

Practicing chakra meditation contributes to a reduction in stress, decreased symptoms of anxiety and depression, and lowering of blood pressure, which is no different from other forms of focused mindfulness practices. The benefits from being present include a sense of relaxation and better emotion regulation, along with an increased sense of well-being and accomplishment, which can be empowering. Some researchers argue that the placebo effect is responsible for the benefits reported from chakra meditation.

Overall, however, the benefits from being present, building awareness of your body, building neural pathways associated with focused attention and controlling thoughts, and sitting with yourself as you are in the present moment are amazing alone. If there is an added benefit of unblocking a chakra, does it matter if it was placebo or a demonstration of actual mind over matter?

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