Loving Kindness of Self

Loving Kindness

In the years I have been introducing the Loving-Kindness Prayer or Metta Meditation to clients, I have noticed that most struggle with the first or the second stanza. For our purposes, we are focusing on the first stanza, the words about loving the self. As discussed by Shauna Shapiro in the YouTube video from Mindfulness 101, it is difficult for many of us to begin saying words associated with loving the self. However, it is possible to start small and build the words over time to ignite a powerful chain reaction in the brain that overcomes barriers to self-love.

Too many of us have been around or raised by people who contributed to the narrative of who we are in ways that are untrue and damaging. The voices in our heads were given their vocabulary and judgements, shaping our emotional development in unhealthy ways. By developing a love of self in spite of the negative messages they instilled in us, we are—YOU are taking power away from them.

Due to super cool mental gymnastics that human beings possess, the more we do something the more we are likely to change our thoughts about that thing. As you repeat the words you do not or only somewhat believe, you are changing the attitude you have carried with you—the falsehoods and myths of toxic others. You are reclaiming power over your narrative. As you repeat the words over time you will deplete the barriers and eventually find comfort in them.


Loving Kindness Meditation Handout

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