A coaching practice specializing in helping people heal from narcissistic abuse and toxic relationships.

You are not alone.

F! All That Wellness Coaching is perfect for you if you:

  • are seeking a professional who understand the unique consequences of narcissistic abuse
  • want to move through each day with purpose
  • want to move through each day with purpose
  • wants too learn practical skills for emotional wellness outside of traditional therapy

“Michelle Minette is a standout among other wellness professionals.  With a wide range of knowledge and experience, she is an invaluable resource for anyone experiencing and/or processing trauma or other stressful life events. Through coaching sessions with Michelle, I have experienced healing, personal growth, and improvements to personal and professional relationships and day-to-day emotion management.  Michelle has taught me skills to manage stress and decrease anxiety that I never imagined possible.  I could not recommend her enough!”

COMING June 2024

F! Fawning

Take up space and feel empowered!